Covid19 outbreaks in China by environment

As we move to a partial lifting of the lockdown in the UK, I looked for evidence to support relaxing measures that restrict activity outdoors.

There are many Covid19 reports being released preprint i.e. they are available online before being published formally. MedRxiv is a reputable preprint server. This paper comes from Qian H et al and features contributors from 4 Chineses universities.

The Covid19 reports of 120 prefectual cities excluding Hubei province were studied. There were 318 reported outbreaks. 1,125 people contracted Covid19 in their homes. Seventy-six were noted to have become infected from a contact on public transport. There was only one incident outdoors; It involved only 2 people. There was no mention in the study of cases in the workplace. This might well be because businesses were all closed down.

With appropriate hand hygiene, social distancing and self-isolation if one develops symptoms, it appears the lifting of restrictions on exercising is justified. We still have to limit meetings with non-household members to one-to-ones with appropriate social distancing. The study acknowledges one individual could be counted in multiple environments. The implication is, at least in China, that public transport is a major source of infection for households.

Indoor transmission of SARS-CoV-2. Qian H et al. April 7 202. MedRxiv preprint.

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